Your Dues Recovery Robot!!

Based on the advanced technological tool of RPA – Robotic Process Automation, PAYINGGO is an effective medium to chase your outstanding dues and facilitate collection at a click.

Your customer will have flexibility to pay using Credit Card, Net Banking or using installments plans.

With Payinggo you will –

  • Never miss out or overlook any dues
  • No man power required to chase customers or clients for due amounts
  • No hesitation in chasing your dues so relationship does not suffer
  • You don’t need to travel to collect your dues
  • Your customers don’t need to travel and come to you for paying their dues

Collecting your payment is 3 Step Process –

  1. You update your dues list to Payinggo 
  2. Payinggo automatically starts sending WhatsApp/email reminders with a link to pay through Credit or Debit Cards etc.
  3. Your Customer pays using the link from anywhere, anytime through any chosen payment method.

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