infoTrust help companies Automate their Business. We guide companies in their Digital Transformation by providing Technology-Enabled Automation of Complex Business Processes

We streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase productivity, enhance service quality, improve service delivery and reduce cost. Our process consists of integrating applications, restructuring resources using software applications throughout the organization. We provide complete solutions by integrating various application such as –

  •           CRM
  •           Sales
  •           Marketing
  •           Purchase
  •           Finance & Accounting
  •           Inventory
  •           Manufacturing
  •           HRMS
  •           Payroll
  •           Portal Development
  •           E-Commerce
  •           Workflow Automation
  •           Robotics Process Automation


Business Automation Solution
In order to automate these processes, infoTrust uses teamWork API Connectors to fit these systems/solutions together with a data exchange layer to transfer the information from one application to other by mapping end-to-end process workflow.

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